Mirror mirror on the wall,

who is the prettiest of all,

Magic mirror answers,

“That is, one tricky question.”

Thankfully magic mirror doesn’t follow standards set by fashion magazines and TV shows. He has realised that women come in all shapes and sizes, also with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. He feels it’s beyond him to judge who is the prettiest of all.

We need to learn from the celebrated magic mirror because in our society conditioning starts right at the level of childhood. “Chubby cheeks dimple chin… rosy lips, teeth within… curly hair, very fair  …eyes are blue and lovely too”. Well, who hasn’t heard that one?

It’s time we embrace our normal self. Body shaming of our own bodies needs to stop. Let’s be more compassionate towards our bodies. Let’s bring focus on the need  to nourish, nurture, accept and respect our body rather than to criticise it. Does this mean its ok to be overweight and or obese? By all means NO. Obesity puts one at risk of lot of diseases-PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease), diabetes, hypertension , arthritis, depression and a few cancers. So maintaining a normal BMI (body mass index) should be the target one should aspire to achieve. Diet plays a crucial role. To commence, inculcate clean eating habits by limiting intake of processed food and bakery items loaded with sugar. Include more of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts in the diet. These modifications in eating habits should become part of our lifestyle than just being a short term goal like the crash diets.  Lifestyle modifications should also include exercising daily. It need not be hours in the gym. A 30 minute walk or cycling or swimming or yoga every day is sufficient. Yes, you will have to make time, if you think you have no time. You will be amazed at the mood elevation exercising can bring about. Especially, it’s a boon for ladies because not only does it help in keeping the excess weight off, it decreases the risk of osteoporosis after menopause.

So this International Women’s day, put on those running shoes and head outdoors and don’t forget to eat healthy.